Dans le cadre du Programme LEONARDO, André, Sofia, Fransesca, Dafni, Fransesca et Julia, six jeunes Italiens étaient présents du 16 mars au 5 juillet, pour trois semaines de stage dans différentes entreprises lavalloises. Ils furent hébergés à l'internat du lycée la semaine, puis les week-end dans différentes familles qui leur ont fait découvrir les charmes de Laval et de notre département, mais aussi des sites comme le Mont St Michel et St Malo entre autres. Les élèves italiens sont repartis le 6 juillet très satisfaits de leur séjour, tant au niveau de leur découverte professionnelle, que sur les aspects culturel et linguistique. Ils ont fortement apprécier l'accueil organisé par l'équipe en charge de ce projet et celui des familles et de l'internat.

Nous leur souhaitons un très bon retour.


Monday 25th : we all went back to work and we stayed at home in the evening.

Tuesday 26th : in the evening we ate in a restaurant called Pe-Pen, located next to the famous Cafè Pedrocchi where the italian revolutian started. We all had italian classic dishes such as Pizzas and Pastas.

Wednesday 27th : we got invited at the Pietro Scalcerle School and joined some French classes in the morning. Italians students asked us questions about our school and our life in France. The italian courses are livelier than our courses : the italian students speak freely and participate actively. They don't have to raise their hands during the class. It was very astonishing for us !!!!

In the afternoon we visited the University of Padoua and we saw the famous "anatomic kitchen" where the medecine classes were given in the 15th century. We also saw the room where the students got graduated. After that, we went to an exhibition from Pietro Bembo (a very influent art collector from the Renaissance period). It was a very interesting day !

Thursday 28th : Last day before leaving. We all went to work for the last time. We packed up in the afternoon and met some italian students with their teacher Rosanna for a last typical dinner all together. Tomorrow the adventure ends ... ciao Padova ...era stupendo !!!!

10th March : after a long journey, we finally arrived in Padua ! We settled in our flat, ate pizza brought by the Italien teachers and went to bed at 11 p.m, exhausted !!

11th March : we had to get up early because we had to go to the Institute Pietro Scalcerle (the Italien school) to meet the Headmaster and the French teachers. Then, we went to the different training places. Robert started working at the Commodor Hotel (a four-star hotel) and Maeva started working at the Garden Terme Hotel (also a four-star hotel), they both worked at the reception desk. Arbresha started working at the REM traduzioni company (a company which deals with professional translations). Mary started working at the Caffe Diemme company (a company which trades Coffee in Italy), Melissa started working at the Carraresi Tour agency (a travel agency) and Axel started working at the Angoli di Mondo shop (a faretrade shop).

14th March : some of us went to work in the morning then we met some Italian students in the afternoon. They showed us around Padua. We visited the Cappella di Scrovegni (a chapel) where we admired a famous fresco from Giotto. Afterwards, we had a drink with the Italian students.

15th March : we all went to work during the day and, in the evening, an Italian student called Lucrezia invited us at her place. We got acquainted with her parents and her friends. Later on, we went out for a drink with them.

16th March : we woke up at 10 a.m. to go to a street market located in the Prato della Valle (a famous square in Padua). It was really big ! Then, in the evening, we met some other Italian students and had pizza in a restaurant with them.

17th March : we woke up at 8:30 a.m. and got ready to go to Venice. We took the train at 10:15 a.m. and arrived in Venice around 11 a.m., we visited Campo dei Frari, Chiesa dei Frari (Church of Frari), Campo San Toma, Campo San Polo, Ponto di Rialto (The Rialto Bridge) and Palazzo Reale (The Royal Palace). We went to eat in a beautiful pizzeria with the Italians students who were our guides. We also saw the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs). Later on, we were supposed to visit a mask workshop and the house of the famous Italian playwright Goldoni (casa di Goldoni) but both were closed so, we entered a mask shop instead and met the owner. She showed us the different types of Venetian costumes and masks and explained us how they were made. She also explained us what the tradition of masks consists in in Italy. In the mid-afternoon, we came back to Padua by train. We had lots of fun !


Tout se passe bien pour les stagiaires Italiens, qui viennent d'entamer leur dernière semaine en Italie, retour prévu vendredi 29 mars.

De nouvelles photos témoignent de la richesse de cette expérience, grâce au programme Leonardo, à la fois sur le plan professionnel bien sûr, mais aussi sur le plan culturel.

Les élèves vous l'expliquent plus en détail ci-dessous, toujours en anglais :

Monday 18th, Thuesday 19th and Wendsday 20th : Nothing special, we just went to work then in the evening we went to a pub called "Crocodile" with some Italian students who have now become friends.

Thursday 21st : We went to a wonderful city named Verona it was about an hour and a half from Padua. We walked around the city and visited the most famous church in the city : San Zeno. It was gorgeous !!! Then, we all visited the Roman arena, a while after, some of us decided to visit'giuletta's casa' but it was not worth it. The others visited an exceptional painting exhibition, they saw paintings from Botticelli to Matisse. We suggest you to come here if you ever go in Italy, it is a place not to be missed !!!

Friday 22nd : We went to work in our companies. Nothing special.

Saturday 23rd : In the morning we went to the street market while our teacher visited the Galileo Academy and the Famous Padoua Clock tower (a 15th Century astronomical clock). An Italian girl came for lunch to our appartement. Later, some of us got ready to go to a fashion show. In the evening, we all went to eat outside and met other Italian friends to have a drink. It was a really cool evening.

Sunday 24th : We overslept then we got ready to meet Lucrezia (the italian girl who ate at our house on Saturday). Her parents drove us to the greatest shopping center around : Hollister Co. After that long week, we decided to have a döner kebab ; not really italian cuisine but pretty good !

We were then ready for the last week to come.